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Home Window Tint

Auto Shades offers a variety of films to meet your Residential Window Film needs.

To provide you with the best service, we will need to know the measurements of the windows, location of your windows, type of glass, type of seals, and the purpose of the install. 

Residential Window Film

You already enjoy the benefits of Window Film on your auto. Why stop there?

Auto Shades has helped homeowners all over the state of Idaho enjoy their windows for a relatively low cost compared to most window treatments on the market.

Call us at 208-454-5177 for a free custom quote!

Benefits of Window film

There are a variety of benefits of having the windows tinted in your home!

-Reduced Glare: reduces eye discomfort.

-Reject Heat: helps provide energy savings and improved comfort.

-UV Protection: protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

-Safety & Security: provides privacy to protect your valuables and helps deter break-ins.

-Fade Protection: extends the life of your furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays.

Learn more about the benefits

of 3M Window film here.