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Paint Protection or Clear Bra

There is nothing better than driving a brand new car off the lot with no flaws, no dents, and no scratches. Unfortunately, an unprotected vehicle is subject to all kinds of road debris that can ruin the looks of your new automobile faster than your first payment is due!

Paint Protection will prevent damage to your paint from rock chips, bugs, salt, and other road debris

Auto Shades offers professional installation of a high quality paint protection film made by SunTek.

Benefits of paint protection film

-Invisible protection: it's virtually undetectable and will not alter the look of your vehicle.

-Quality Material: SunTek PPF is a proprietary, self-healing top-cote that is scratch and crack resistant with a high gloss finish. 

-Longevity: even with exposure to harsh elements, SunTek PPF performs.

- Five yr Manufacture's Warranty: covers against cracking, bubbling, peeling, or yellowing.

-A variety of kits are available: Paint Protection can be installed on the hood, fender, mirrors, bumper, door cups, door edges, head lights, fog lights, and more!

Check out SunTek's video; benefits of SunTek PPF for more information!

Check out this video on the features and benefits of PPF.